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CosySleep™️ - Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow

The Revolutionary Baby Pillow...!

Its sad to say this but a common problem when raising your little one is a syndrome called "Flat Head Syndrome" also known as "Plagiocephaly" which causes distortion of a babies head. We realised this is so common yet so unwanted for any child that we are here to bring the "CosySleep™️ - Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow"

Key Features: 

  • Eliminates the risk of "Flat Head Syndrome"
  • Provides a comfortable place of sleep for babies.
  • Can be used anywhere, from cribs, car seats to prams.
  • Allows baby to rest without pain and pressure on the head.
  • Has anti-roll technology keeping them peacefully in place.
  • Portable and easy to use
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Image result for anti flat head pillow

This pillow is highly recommended by paediatricians and clinics all over the world, It is the perfect pillow designed to ergonomically fit your babies head shape and reinforce growth of the natural head shape.

The small hole in the middle allows the baby to feel as though it is being held by their mother. (with care!)

Made from memory foam, and will automatically bounce back to it's original shape and your baby wont ever forget it's first special pillow that saved it from developing Flat Head Syndrome.
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