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BabyPro™️ Professional Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Why Is This So Revolutionary...?

A huge problem when trying to carry your baby is the discomfort that you cause for them and yourself without realising! Holding your baby on your hip or in your arms leaves them feeling uncomfortable and can cause pain in their side and legs and if you are holding your child like this often you can cause strain in your bag which can lead to huge, unwanted back problems! This is why we came out with the MultiCarry™️ as it relieves all the discomfort and sits your baby comfortably leaving you with hands free and them pain free with no strain on your back! 

To make the process of carrying your baby much safer and easier we came up with the special carrier to help you out. It gives you 4 different styles of carrying your child such as front facing, back facing, cradled, and On-the-back! Choose your desired position while keeping them close and in sight at all times! It's the perfect handy friend to have with you around the house, or while you do your weekly shop.


Key Features:

  • 4-in-1 Baby carrier, perfect for all ages from 0-30 Months
  • Takes away strain on your back that may cause back problems!
  • Helps to keep your baby close to heart, making them feel safe
  • Allows you to be hands free while holding your baby, making tasks easier
  • Keeps your baby comfortable avoiding any pain for them from holding in your arms or on your hip!
  • Holds your baby in a safe, and comfortable position!
  • Adjustable straps to fit your size
  • Secure buckle locks, to stay strongly fastened 
  • Padded shoulders, for extra comfort for you!
  • Pocket to store away what you need